Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do You Know Rumble Fish?

*Requested by Azra*


I have no idea at all about this group!.hahaa.I think Azra love korean band the most other than,she is the hardcore for FT Island and CN doubt! =p

Okeyh..enough with Azra.Back to the topic!Ermmm..I didn't found many informations about this band..I only can say that Rumble Fish is an Indi band whose music is completely done by the members of the band themselves. Even before their official debut in the major stages, the singer-and-songwriter band consisting of 4 members has been well-known among clubbers and music producers.

As underground musicians, Rumble Fish’s performances were mainly based in clubs around Hongik University such as Jammers. Their powerful and dynamic music and charismatic attitude filled the clubs with fans who love their music every time they put on a concert. Such popularity led the creation of a community with 2,500 members even before the release of their debut album.

Their 1st debuted in 2004 with the album 'Swing Attack' and then 2nd album, 'Have a Nice Dream' in 2005,the single 'I Go' in 2006.3rd album, 'Open The Safe' in 2007..then in 2008,they released their 4th album called 'Memory For You'..In 2009,the single 'Encore' and this early 2010,released a single below:-

Oh,I found this song while digging about this band.It such a sweet and nice song..the vokalist has a really good vocal plus the guy's voice also!Which one is the guy eyh??There are three guys in this band..I think maybe the guitarist..hrmm


좋은 사람 있으면 소개시켜줘(if you find a cool guy, please introduce to me)
Well,I'm not sure about the song name in english..hahhaa..(bantai je lah=p)

Rumble Fish photos and members:-

Oopss..Azra,I cannot find their profile details!Fuhh,very dissapointed~Sorry eyh..I only have the names only :(

Choi Jini (최진이) : vocal
Kim Ho-il (심호근) : bass
Park Cheon-whi (박천휘) : drums
Lee Won Sang (이원상) : guitar

Can guess right based on those pictures??hahaha..

-Past vokalist
Choi JinYi had left the group to purse solo activity.

-Past member
Kim Seong-keun : guitar


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