Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FT Island - Love Love Love MV [Beautiful Journey 2nd Mini Album + Tracklist]

Awww Aoxora!! I mesti terigt kat u klo post pasal FTi ni..hhahahaa..xpe must be in your flight right now..So,have a beautiful journey!! :)

Nice car <3

After releases their 'Love Love Love' teaser yesterday, now its turn to watch their full version of 'Love Love Love' MV!!!~ Let's watch the boys <3

Cred: ftisland

Omg..what happened to our hongki's haircut??? sorry to say Aox, I don't like his new haircut..hahaha..Seunghyun's hair is the best!! handsome gila kot!! I like his rap!! Weee~
About the song, hrmm..I like it!! kindda addictive too.. Sarang sarang sarang....

01 Love Love Love.mp3
02 Callusus Being Stuck.mp3
03 Baby Love.mp3
04 Crazily Looking Only at You.mp3
05 Don Quixote's Song.mp3

Beautiful Journey - 2nd Mini Album.rar

Ahhh..I haven't listened to all the songs yet..But I've been told by our lovely primadonna, Aoxora that the last track is composed by Jonghun, our leader!! wohoooo~..hahaha..I'm sure this album is good!! heee..Still Seunghyun <3

Concept photos!!~




Seunghyun <3 heheh..


Cred: allkpop,

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