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JQT Profile + No Need To Know MV [Fourfume EP]

Cutie =D

Have you ever heard about JQT before?? Nahh..I tell you what..they actually debuted last year.. The JQT teaser was released and it has been viewed over 200,000 times in Korea! They have been getting lots of attention before their debut on 16th October through their first single, 'I Fell For You'.. more thing..Do you guys remember the girl group from few years ago called i-13? Well, they were supposed to be a large girl group, like Super Junior but it didn't really work out.. They didn't succeed and disbanded..Hrmm..Now 3 of those 13 girls are coming back as JQT with one other member! Their names are :-
Park Min Jung- from i-13
Lee Ji Eun- from i-13
Park Ga Jin- from i-13
Joo Min Sun- made the group through an audition/was picked out from 200 people who auditioned

You're probably wondering what JQT mean? Well the J is the letter that is in all four girls' names, the Q and T stand for QUALITY and QUARTET..

On 13th August 2010, they made their cameback and released their second single, 'No Need To Know'.. No Need to Know has an electronic rhythm with an acoustic guitar in the background, adding more intensity and rhythm to the song’s beat.

The music video for this song was released through GomTV, and an internet site ( for this album’s promotions has been created. It contains the JQT member profiles, pictures, videos, and a guestbook.

Cred: LemcTAMA94

I like the song!! The song is very catchy right..and they are very cute with the outfits and weirdo sunglasses! hahahaa..They have nice voice and rapper..I hope JQT will shine and become popular one day :)

Click 'Read more' for members profile and their songs :-

01 No Need To Know.mp3
02 Tip-Toe.mp3

JQT - 2010 Single Fourfume.rar



Park Min Jung (03.02.1990)

She is the group's leader and has the position of main vocals. Because of her cute looks and calm voice, she had the largest fanbase out of the 4 members even before they were known as JQT (the members were in a 13 member girl group called i-13, which eventually got disbanded). She currently goes to Suwon University and is taking a theatre course. Because she is the leader, she also has leadership roles, as she takes care of the other members the most. Her nickname is "Sleepyhead" because she likes to take lots of naps.

Joo Min Sun (25.01.1987)

She has the position of vocals in the group. Her dream was to become an actor (graduated with a major in broadcast media) but due to a chance, she auditioned along with her friend and had beaten through 200 people. Something that makes people fall in love with her is her sexy looks and charming voice.

Lee Ji Eun (23.10.1987)

Since elementary school, she already had experience with singing and broadcasts. When Fin.K.L was still popular, Lee Ji Eun had been in a group that sings the chorus and had the opportunity to sing Lee Hyori's part. That was when Lee Hyori became her role model, which made her want to have a confident and sexy style.

Park Ga Jin (10.01.1990)

Just like with f(x)'s Amber, she have had many interest from netizens because of her slightly boyish looks. She was a trainee in DSP Entertainment (SS501, Kara) before she was picked in a group. This girl has intelligence as a charm as well. When her training is over, she goes back to her dorm and always reads. She stated that she wants to widen up her acting career while being in JQT. Currently, she is studying in Hanseo University and is in her first year.

Cred:, allkpop, JQT - AsianFanatics Forum

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