Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun's Fanmeeting To Be Postponed!

Take note to the fans that might come or go to Kim Hyung Jun's Fanmeeting that will be held on 28th August 2010 previously.

Actually, the fanmeeting has to be postponed by Geneses Dream Entertainment. They announced this earlier 25th August 2010. Do not be doubtful whether Maknae of SS501 will come again to Malaysia after these sudden announcement made by GDE. And please, for those that just prepared everything for the fanmeeting, don't bash GDE. They're currently doing their best to solve their problem and still bringing Kim Hyung Jun to Malaysia.

Thus, a new date has been chosen to replace the 28th August 2010. Take note for the new date, everyone!!

2.30 - 5.00 PM
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Plenary Hall

If you guys who bought the ticket and can't attend them plus wanted a refund, please send your email that includes your name, bank name and account number to GDE's email. Or you can sell it to people who wants to go to the FM. And make sure be considerate person when selling the ticket price. Do not sell higher from GDE or else people will tell you're a liar.

And people who wants to come, you still have a chance!!^^

By the way, here is the words from GDE. I hope you guys can think rationally before blurting out something inconvenient to read and may hurt other people's feelings.

Their email to refund is:-

POSTPONEMENT of Kim Hyung Jun Private Fan Meeting in Malaysia
Apology Letter to Kim Hyung Jun and those who involved
Geneses Dream Entertainment would like to apologize to Kim Hyung Jun and the Korea company staffs involved for the request of postpone for this upcoming 28 August 2010 fan meeting in Malaysia. At the same time we are really grateful and appreciate the chance that is given by their kindness for us to postpone the fan meeting in Malaysia instead of cancelling it. We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenient caused to Kim Hyung Jun and the company.
We promised to do better for the fan meeting in Malaysia with the new date given.
Apology to all fans
Geneses Dream Entertainment would like to apologize to all fans (Malaysia fans and Oversea fans) that are anticipating the fan meeting in this upcoming 28 August 2010 for the postpone decision that we’ve made last minute.
The reason for postponing the event is due to our management problem. Due to certain issues that we couldn’t manage to make it on time, we have to postpone the fan meeting to a later date so that we can make the best preparation for it.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenient caused to all fans.
As for refund matter, because the fan meeting is postpone and not cancelled so we will not do refund. However if there’s fans that really cannot make it on the new date for the fan meeting because of postpone date, then we will make a refund session one week before the fan meeting date. For those who cannot come for the refund session, you may drop us an e-mail one week before the new date of the fan meeting with your name, bank name and account number. We will bank in the refund to you.

The postponement of the fan meeting will not affect Singapore promotions date so those who already bought the tickets to see Kim Hyung Jun in Singapore, you can trust in Warner Music Singapore and attend the event without worries.
P/S: ZE:A promotions in Malaysia will not be affected and will proceed on time.

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