Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taeyang - I'll Be There MV [SOLAR International Album + Tracklist]

Waaahhhh!! Taeyang ahh!!

On 25th August 2010, Taeyang of Big Bang has just releases his SOLAR International Album! It is different from his 1st solo SOLAR album that released on July 2010 because there are some English tracks inside the album..that's why it is called International album!and also put an extra track which is Connection (ft.Bigtone). Then, you can listen to I'll Be there, Wedding Dress, and Connection in English version..and you know what, I love I'll Be There in English version!!

Taeyang - I'll Be There (Korean Version)
Cred: KoreaMusicVideoHD

I'll Be There (English Version)

He is HOT right??!! Wahh.. my favourite member in Big Bang!! hahaha..His body??! Arghh..bulan puasa ni..adeyhh~ Really really love the MV!! Smart okayh!! Of course, I'm so proud of him on making it worldwide! All the Big Bang's members are excellent working in solo and as a group too!~ heeeee =D

My future husband <3

SOLAR International Album below :-

1- Solar (Intro).mp3
2- Superstar.mp3
3- 기도 (Prayer)(feat. Teddy).mp3
4- I'll Be There (ENG.).mp3 [Extra track]
5- Wedding Dress (ENG.).mp3 [Extra track]
6- Connection (feat. 빅톤) (ENG.).mp3 [Extra track]
7- Move (feat. Teddy).mp3
8- Where U At.mp3
9- I need a Girl (feat. G-dragon).mp3
10- 나만 바라봐 (Only Look At Me).mp3
11 -Take It Slow.mp3
12 -I'll Be There (KOR.).mp3 [Extra track]

You can look Taeyang - 1st solo SOLAR Album HERE :)

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