Monday, September 6, 2010

Seeya - 미쳤나봐 (I Guess I'm Crazy) MV

hahahaa..rase cam x best lak klo x post something mggu XP

Yeahhh!! Finally, Seeya is coming back this year!! I really like them singing the song, His Voice last year..But this year, they are returning as a duo not as a trio anymore..This is because of SeeYa’s maknae Soomi will transfer from Seeya to the upcoming co-ed group that includes members like Jin Hye Won. The group is called 남녀공학. This group will be debuting this Sepetember..She has a very strong vocal and I'm so sad that she left Seeya..Hopefully,she would shine in the new co-ed group!! Good Luck! =D

Yesterday, Seeya released their new MV for theirs title single, 'I Guess I'm Crazy'..Let's watch it!

Cred: brandons238

Boram and Yeonji are so pretty!! I love this song so much..they have a very strong vocal..just like Davichi..Fuhhh~ They are so greaaattt!!! Can't wait for their comeback stage! Weee :)

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