Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heo Young Saeng (SS501) - Rainy Heart MV

Asal cute sgt Young Saeng ni?? hahha

Having debuted as a solo singer last month, Heo Young Saeng has now released his 2nd music video for his follow-up promotions, "Rainy Heart". It's a ballad song. Before that, I want to share to all of you his debut song, "Let It Go" which I personally love it! I just love his performances. He has transformed into a handsome and sexy guy =D

Below is the "Rainy Heart"'s MV. This song expresses Young Saeng's vocal talents and features the rap of SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong.

Another nice song from Young Saeng! Yaa, he is cute than the woman! hahaha. I love his voice! Ah, how I miss SS501 :( Hope to see him promotes this song on various music shows along with Kyu Jong and also Hyun Joong. huhuh~

Credit to annyeong944 and Likeyou95 @ youtube

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