Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rainbow Reveals Sweet Dream MV

After "To Me" promotion has ended up, now Rainbow is comeback again with a new song from SO 女 repackaged album. "Sweet Dream" is a really nice song!

Cred: DSP

This MV and song are very good! It's a simple MV and I like it very much! Alright, they still doing catwalk here. But no poppin for this time. hahaha. Okayh Alia, I'm not confuse anymore^^ I finally can remember all their names and faces esp Seung Ah and Yoon Hye (short hair)..huhuh~ Noeul, Jisook and Jaekyung are my favourites! I love everything about Rainbow! They are sooo cool yeah! :))


01 Sweet Dream [NEW]
02 Kiss (Acoustic Ver.) [NEW]
03 To Me (내게로..)
04 To Me (내게로..) (Club Ver.) [NEW]
05 Sweet Dream (Inst.) [NEW]

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