Tuesday, August 23, 2011

G.NA - Top Girl MV + Mini Album [Tracklist]

Yeah, i'm a top girl!

G.NA is back! Wee~ After 4minute, A Pink, and BEAST's had successfully made their came back promotions, now it's time for the "Top Girl" from CUBE; G.NA to rock you in all music shows! =D

Cred: gnaofficial

Indeed, she's a top girl! Hahaha, I really like her ^^ One of my favourite female singer! She has a great voice when singing in ballad too. Ahhh, CUBE family <3

01 Top Girl
02 Banana (Feat. Swings, JC지은)
03 싫어 (I Hate You)
04 Without You
05 Icon

What an awesome mini album! Thumbs up for G.NA! =D

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