Thursday, August 4, 2011

Park Jungmin's Trailer for "Love Song in August" J-Drama

Not too many of us know about this but our sexy charisma from SS501 Park Jung Min is about to star in a new japanese dorama titled LISMO "Love Song in August"! Congrats for Jung Min I really didn't know his japanese was so good, but funny thing is he'll be playing the superstar "Park Jung Min" as his character, yes himself haha, but speaking japanese!!

Omo Jung Min's japanese is soooo cute, its like one of those hot voices you hear on the good-looking animes haha, even though he goes for an older lady, the lady actually seems cute and I might just watch this drama because of how sweet & cute Jung Min is! Check out the trailer (subbed)!


Of course there is always that notion is your head, where one says "why don't superstars go with younger people like me?" but I guess older people should get a chance too xp, I sound so selfish.

Anyways I suggest to those who love supporting our SS501 boys to watch this drama, because you can pretend you can be the lady haha I mean, you can enjoy how good Jung Min oppa acts!

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