Wednesday, September 28, 2011

INFINITE’S “Paradise” MV + Repackaged “Over The Top” Album!

So excited to have another Infinite (인피니트) music video out, these boys keep getting hotter and hotter! I’ve been a huge fan ever since I’ve put “Can You Smile” back from their Inspirit album on constant repeat, even till now. Paradise is another great title track to add to the collection! *fangirling*

The seven boys come out looking quite dissatisfied longing for their girl, oh girl problems. They sit and think into their memories, in a good-looking kind of way. I like the train setting its sorta cool. And I loove how Hoya is amazingly diverse, he’s great at singing and he’s one of the beasty rappers. I think the world is starting to see how Infinite is clearly unique because of their amazing vocals & dance, love their harmonized falsetto! Their potential is really.. Check this out!

Paradise MV:

Under the cut is tracklist & concept pics!


02 - Be Mine (내꺼하자)
03 – 파라다이스 (Paradise) [NEW]
04 – Cover Girl [NEW]
05 – 3분의1 (One Third)
06 – Tic Toc
07 – Julia
08 – Because (Sungkyu Solo)
09 – 시간아 (Time) (Woohyun Solo)
10 – Amazing
11 – Crying (Infinite H feat. Baby Soul)
12 – Real Story
13 - 내꺼하자 (Be Mine Remix Ver.) [NEW]

Panda says: Paradise is another track from Infinite I enjoy, its like a cross between BTD (Before the Dawn) and Be Mine, real catchy. Even though it’s a short song, I’m amazed at their harmony in falsetto its daebak!!! Another new one I like is the orchestra version of Be Mine the boys have performed live before. In Cover Girl Seungyeol raps!

*SIDE NOTE: Stay tuned for KBS Immortal Song 2 because a new line-up includes INFINITE’s powerful vocal Woohyun! Ahh his voice no matter how I try to give him up he’s still my infinite favourite.


SUNGKYU (Leader)







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