Friday, September 9, 2011

Teen Top - The Back of My Hand Brushes Against Yours MV + Live Performance!

Teen Top continues with their follow-up track promotion, "손등이 스친다 (The Back of My Hand Brushes Against Yours)". It's the best song from Teen Top! My favourite song in "Roman" album :)

Cred: TeenzOnTop

Ahh, is that it??! It's too short! lol~ I started to like Ricky now, he is so cute and don't forget he is only 16 (noona's here) hahahaha..Love this song!

Their live performance at M!Countdown yesterday..

Cred: shu35150714

This kind of song really show off Niel and Chunji's vocal talents. Niel is awesome! =D Most of the ballad songs in their mini album and album are actually very good. They should promote this kind of song more in the future.

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