Saturday, October 22, 2011

FT Island Like Birds MV & Memory in FT Island Album + Comeback Performance!

My boyss! I'm so sorry for not posting you earlier. For some reason FT Island loves to comeback when school starts haha but that's probably why I don't pay attention for the first months haha.

FT ISLAND is back with a remake album "Memory in FT Island." The song Like Birds is originally sung back in 1998 by senior singer Byeon Ji Seop. The entire album is suppose to be just a treat for fans, it consists of several songs sung from different time eras. Including an official recorded version of "Shinsadong Person" the song Lee Hongki sang and FT Island performed & won on Immortal Song 2!

Like Birds (새들 처럼) MV:


I loove how the song is so fun, I love when they play around in that big jeep haha they are just too cute and amazingly talented all of them! Drummer baby Minhwan I'll come after you!

Here's my favorite performance of them in I think from Inkigayo. Its so cute how the entire crowd is singing along and FTI is just being so silly. Love the ad-libbing Hongki does.

Like Birds Performance:



01 - Like Birds (새들처럼)
02 - Heartbroken (상심)
03 - Even If It's Your Tears (그대 눈물까지도)
04 - Not A True Goodbye (이별 아닌 이별)
05 - Shinsadong Person (신사동 그 사람)

Panda says: Quick quote, I really prefer the Shinsadong Person that was originally sung in Immortal Song 2, if you get a chance to sweep around grab that track as well!

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