Monday, October 24, 2011

KBS Drama "Noriko Goes To Seoul!" (노리코 서울 에 가다!) - [English Sub]

Hey guys! So I know I don't usually stream movies online but I consider this a random post and I have no idea if it will show on KBS World or not lol.

I haven't been doing any of this lately so I thought I'd share with you guys the K-Drama/Short Film of KBS Noriko Goes To Seoul! (English Subbed of course) If you have no idea what story this is, I'll give you three words... LEE. HONG. GI!

Yup! This drama is a recent short drama at 90 minutes, Lee Hongki of FT Island acted in for Chuseok Holiday in Korea. Alongside him he has the beautiful veteran japanese actress Takashima Reiko. Its about a japanese ajumma who wants to learn how to sing from this boy (who is awesome at singing) so she can make her daughter proud. I have to say Takashima Reiko is hilarious in this short film!

Here's the synopsis ->

This is more of a family film that I didn't expect it to be so funny. Although Hongki is playing a money-minded emo kid, he's a musically talented little fellow who plays guitar! Also songs of FT Island are featured, and the rest of the FTI boys are known as ISLAND an indie band in the show haha that was cute as well. Enjoy!

Part 1/8:

Part 2/8:

Part 3/8:

Part 4/8:

Part 5/8:

Part 6/8:

Part 7/8:

Part 8/8:

credits to 0632jeofe@youtube

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