Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SNSD/Girls' Generation - The Boys MV (Kor. & Eng Ver.) + 3rd Album [Tracklist]

Our pop queens is back with their 3rd full-length album! SNSD has finally released the MV for "The Boys" after postponed it for about a week I think. They will join Universal Music Group under Interscope Records, which currently houses extremely famous talents such as Lady Gaga, Eminem and the Black Eyed Peas. Wahh, the girls are going to increase their popularity through worldwide! I'm so proud of them :) Hwaiting!!~

Korean Version

Omoo, they are so gorgeous!! They look so elegant with those dresses! Jessica's dress is the best! Huhu, the song is just okayh to me. But I think they will win all the music shows. Hahaha~ Btw, Seohyun get to sing many lines ^^

English Version

Nothing is different here, only they are singing in English. Tiffany should sing more..I prefer the Korean version ^^

The tracklist for "The Boys"

01. The Boys
02. Telepathy
03. Say Yes
04. Trick
05. How Great is Your Love
06. My J
07. Oscar
08. Top Secret
09. Lazy Girl
10. Sunflower
11. Vitamin
12. Mr. Taxi (Korean Ver.)
13. The Boys (Eng Ver.)

Waaa, I'm going to listen all the songs as soon as possible..

Wanna see their beautiful concept pictures? Click "Read more" :))

Taeyeon [Leader]








Seohyun [Magnae]

Yoona's blue outfit is so weird, I know that is the latest style, but it is still weird for her XD Haha. Sunny's hot dress is very hot! Woww :0

Credit to SMTOWN @ youtube

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