Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream MV + Performance

na eotteokhajyo eonni?!

Brown Eyed Girls amaze with a follow-up comeback of a brilliant new ballad. Its a sweet serenade where you can feel the poignant expression of heart-break and having your friends to help pick you up from sadness.

Cleansing Cream is one of my songs on repeat, currently I have to play it at least once a day or else I'd go mad I cannot listen to this beautifully sung song. I HIGHLY recommend you take a listen to this song, artistically Narsha, Jea, Gain & Miryo have grown exponentially, they should definitely NOT go unappreciated!

Cleansing Cream (클렌징크림) MV:


There are many meanings to this song and several people have different point of views on this, but explanations I've found that I quite like are as such...

MV Literally: The little girl likes to pretend that she's blind, (covering her eyes) so she can use her senses to touch and feel instead of focusing on looks and sight. She lives with her sister and her husband. She likes them and likes to feel both of their presence, (smelling their clothes when they're gone) but the sister only caught the girl around her husband. The sister misunderstands and gets jealous, especially when the girl puts on "make-up" to be like her sister. Unfortunately the sister snapped and wants to wash away the little girl. Harsh..

MV in Depth: The girl represents the pure and innocent, she wants to focus on other things than how people are presented by looks. The sister sees the girl as her past self, how she wishes Cleansing Cream can return her to the way she was before, and doesn't have to keep her make-up to keep the one she loves.

Song Meaning: The song is actually about how when a person get heart-broken, you use make-up and everything to impress your loved one, how you spend time with your loved one. To erase all of these memories you really want Cleansing Cream. Sometimes its hard to erase your precious memories, you struggle with this cleansing cream to wash away your love & pain..

How's that for an explanation? lol. I really would like to know, what is your take on this MV and song?

BEG is expanding the k-pop music industry, its bringing a breath of fresh air don't you think?

Here's the performance on Music Bank:


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