Friday, November 25, 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [111125]

Congratulations again to SNSD for getting #1 in K-Chart! I think this is their 5th winning. Kyaaa~ I want Wonder Girls to win next week! Huhu =D

1. SNSD - The Boys
2. Wonder Girls - Be My Baby
3. Lee Seung Gi - 연애시대 (Alone In Love)
4. T-Ara - Cry Cry
5. Noel - I Miss You
6. Lee Seung Gi - 친구잖아 (You're My Friend)
7. Secret - Love Is Move
8. Huh Gak - All I Can Say is That I Want to Die
9. Kim Dong Ryul - Replay [NEW]
10. J-Cera - 그댄 정말 모를거예요 (You May Not Really Know)
11. 4Men & Mi - That Man, That Woman
12. Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream
13. Kara - Step
14. Electroboyz - Ma Boy 2 [NEW]
15. Huh Gak - Hello
16. Davichi - Don't Say Good-bye
17. Tablo - Tomorrow (Feat. Taeyang of BigBang)
18. T-Ara - Roly-Poly
19. Son Ho Young - 예쁘고 미웠다 (Pretty/Ugly) (Feat. BIZZY)
20. Wonder Girls - G.N.O (Girls Night Out) [NEW]

List of performers on 25th November 2011 :-

.:Debut Stage:.
New.F.O - Bounce

~Comeback performance~
A Pink - My My

Other performers : SNSD, Wonder Girls, T-ara, Son Ho Young, Kim Jo Han, Noel, Norazo, Seo In Young, Tim, B1A4, TRAX, MYNAME, J-Cera, Lee Ji Hae, A-ble, Beige, LEDApple, Wink, M.I.B, AA, Crispi Crunch, Park Soo Bin, and Electroboyz.

**Next Week Teaser - Trouble Maker (Hyuna & Hyunseung)'s Debut! Waaa, I can't wait to see them perform as a duo! 0.o

* A Pink! kyeoptaaaa~~~

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