Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Pink - My My MV + Snow Pink 2nd Mini Album [Tracklist]

Next girl group from Cube Entertainment have already released their "My My" MV and also a mini album, "Snow Pink" for their comeback! :) A Pink which consist of 7 members is one of my favourite girl group. Hehe they are cute and able to sing very well yeah most of them are younger than me. lol XD

Cred: acubeent

I love them singing cute songs like this. I want them to stay with this cute concept, don't change to sexy and hot concept! Let 4minute be. Hahaha :p Haaa, I'am very impress with Eunji's vocal! Her vocal is the best! ^^ For those who haven't recognize them yet, check the below list okayh..

0:29 Bomi - Main Dancer & Lead Vocalist
0:39 Naeun - Vocalist & Visual
0:49 EunJi - Main Vocalist
1:41 Chorong - Leader , Vocalist & Rapper
1:52 Hayoung - Maknae (youngest member) & vocalist
2:01 Namjoo - Vocalist & Rapper
2:56 Yookyung- Vocalist & Lead Dancer

If you want to know more about the girls visit APINK.NET
Thanks to 05amymay@youtube for the tips!

[2nd mini album]

01 He's My Baby
02 MY MY
03 Yeah
04 꿈결처럼 (Like A Dream)
05 Prince

A CUTE album from A Pink! <3

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