Friday, November 11, 2011

T-ara Releases "Cry Cry" MV + Black Eyes Mini Album [Tracklist]

Roly poly, roly roly poly~ T-ara is back yeahh!! =D

T-ara just releases their new mini album, "Black Eyes"! and the title track "Cry Cry" is a great ballad song ever singing by T-ara! They also releases a 15min music drama featured Jiyeon as the main character and actor Cha Seung Won (He's hot! lol XD).


Aww~ I love Jiyeon! She is so gorgeous with that short hair! She is an awesome actress! She sings very well too :) Ahh, I almost cried when Jiyeon pointed the gun towards her "ahjusshi" :'( Luckily she didn't shoot him. This music drama gonna have its part 2. Waa, can't wait to see Hyomin and Eunjong in actions!! 0.0


01 Cry Cry
02 Goodbye, OK
03 0 My God
04 I'm So Bad
05 Cry Cry (Ballas Ver.)
06 Cry Cry (Ballad Music Video Ver.)

*"Cry Cry" and "Goodbye,OK" are my current fav from the album! Nice album from T-ara <3

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