Tuesday, February 14, 2012

B2ST/BEAST Releases "Mystery" Special MV!

Kyaaa~ I'm so happy tonight! BEAST has just released a special MV for "Mystery"!! A special gift for Valentine's Day, I'm so loving you guys! Hahaha. You know that they had made a comic version of Mystery MV during MTV B2ST ALMIGHTY last year, haha, it was so funny, it was all about the "Curry" actually haha XD you probably wanna watch that MV once again, click THIS.

ahhh, BEAST! why are you guys so handsome??!

Cred: beastofficial

Omoo, this MV is so unique! I love the finger skateboarding! LOL I wonder whose hand is that, ermm Junhyung maybe? haha, btw, they all look so cool here, I'm so missing them right now! Waaaa, can't stop smiling and keep replaying this MV :p Waaa, can't wait for their next album!^^
For your information, BEAST premiered this special MV during their "Beautiful Show" world tour concert in Seoul.

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