Saturday, February 4, 2012

BEAST/B2ST - "I Knew It" Short MV :))

Wahh, our/my 1st post for 2012! haha of course, Beast is the first one 

I think all the B2uties already knew about Beast's latest single, "I Knew It", right??! yay,after 8 months since Fiction's comeback, they finally released new short MV for their upcoming world tour, "Beautiful Show". Our handsome magnae, Dongwoon was acting in the MV! He is sooo :00

Cred: beastofficial

Totally fell in love with the song after i've heard it for the 1st time :) Yoseob's voice! *melted* Though it was a short MV but Dongwoon's strong acting make me proud of him :D He would be a great actor one day! haha, I hope Beast will release a longer version soon..

Haa,one more important thing! Our rapper, Junhyung has already released his first solo song few days ago! haha, check it out below~

I'm so proud of him! So loving his rap :) [sound like GD XD] haha, lol it's okay, I still love him! He always produced awesome songs for BEAST!  ◕‿◕

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