Thursday, February 9, 2012

FT Island Severely MV + Grown Up 4th Mini Album

the secret codes lined on the album cover are the members' precious bdays ^^

YEEEE~ FTISLAND is all grown up! The boys have been working out lately and gained some awesome muscles. *gasp* Muscles + guitars/drums/bass/mic *dies*

The Grown Up album shows a less playful side to FT Island and endorses their long lost beautiful rock ballad side we haven’t seen since their debut. More than anything this album reminded me of their first album hits ballads, mixed along with their new type of ballads. It is not at all boring! Not like a lot of groups that throw in a ballad song just for the sake of providing balance. It’s not blow up in your face kind of awesome, it’s like these 5 songs actually say something with a familiarity that greets you like coming back home..

Severely showcases Lee Hongki as the main actor again because he is an awesome actor! Haha, and a female lead from an up and coming girl group from FNC! What?? FNC with a dancing girl group debut? Ok more on that later. This Severely music video made me cry! It really did! Even though I’m not the type to like drama mvs where people die or get hurt, I just couldn’t help myself with this one because the song really touches you.

FT Island - 지독하게 (Severely) MV

cr: ftisland

How did you react? Hmm yes the concept is played out but it refreshing to see this side from ma boys. Next MV I really hope Lee Jaejin, Song Seunghyun or Choi Minhwan become the lead character I want to see them acting too hehe. Choi Jonghun has already acted in “You’re My Pet” movie so I’m already good with that.

Speaking of which Jonghun wrote “We Hope To Be Lovers”. Yay! Finally they get to write their own Korean song, being already pros with their Japanese songs, I can’t wait for more productions from these super sweet rascals!


01 – 지독하게 (Severely)
02 – 친구마저 잃었다 (Even Lost A Friend)
03 – 난 못난 사람입니다 (I’m An Ugly Person)
04 – 다 큰 남자가... (Grown Man…)
05 – 애인이 돼 주길 바래요 (We Hope To Be Lovers)

Panda: *Still dreaming peacefully* Back to FT Island’s beautiful ballads, I like every single song and its funny because I like more rockish style of k-rock. Everything sounds so well done, you won’t understand until you plug ur ears into this album. I hope the boys can win a few trophies this time round as they wish. ^^

P/s: Stay tuned for my fan account of FT Island’s Malaysian Concert in January!


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