Monday, February 13, 2012

Lovey Dovey Plus from SPEED [Co-Ed's Male Sub-unit]

As I wrote it earlier in Co-Ed Profile's post, SPEED is the male sub-unit of Co-Ed School. They has just released their debut song which is "Lovey Dovey Plus". This is actually the remake of T-ara's Lovey Dovey. I just wish they would have debuted with their own song like 5dolls last year :( but this is no bad since Lovey Dovey has been popular these days and yeah T-ara are their sunbaes :D

SPEED released two versions of Love Dovey Plus MV and twins Hyoyoung (from Co-Ed) and Hwayoung (from T-ara) are working together for the first time in both music videos!

[Version 1]

Okayh, this mv make me feel really dizzy, lol XD the boys shuffling are the best! Love to see their dancing but why not focusing on their faces?! Arghh, and is that Hwayoung or Hyoyoung in the middle? hahah

[Version 2]

LMFAO! Now I only can see Hwoyoung and one boy?! Where is Hwayoung and the other boys?! This version is totally OUT! the 1st version is better than this. I love Lovey Dovey so much! ^^ The boys version is not that bad but I still prefer the original version from T-ara <3

I heard that this is not SPEED official debut, they just love this song and want to make a remake. They are probably debut in March, is that true?? All right then, we will wait and see..

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