Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MBLAQ 100% Ver. 4th Mini Album Comeback!

MBLAQ is giving us 100% now yall, behold! Everyone looks really intimidating lol. If you didn’t notice it you would miss that with every comeback MBLAQ seems to bring on a bit more black a bit more avant garde. With powerful dance moves they give us “This is War”!

Lee Joon main cast with Thunder (Cheondong) and a girl in which the two fight over. Now let’s see.. how many times has Joon tried to fight one of MBLAQ’s members for their girlfriends? Aigoo. You guys can tell me lol. But I have to say he is a good actor in the realm of “dramatic scenes” I didn’t mind him in Bubble Pop mv either kekeke..

MBLAQ - This is War MV

cr: jtunecamp

BTW they should give more acting parts to Mir I love him haha. Lee Joon said he’s currently the “IT” member now being the most sought out by the group recently, and I don’t blame him!

These kids have won 2 M!Countdown trophies now which makes all A+ so so very happy. Hwaiting MBLAQ! I have hope you guys can make a name for yourselves in this k-industry =D.


01 – Run
02 – 전쟁이야 (This is War)
03 – 낙서 (Scribble)
04 – 아찔한 그녀 (She's Breathtaking)
05 – Hello My EX

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