Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TEENTOP Goes Crazy! MV + It's album

The next group that spread their amazing comeback was our noona lovers TEENTOP! “I’m Going Crazy” is a song that caused me to love the club trend in K-Pop currently, it isn’t too much and it’s very addictive to the ears. The entire album is produced by the geniuses of that the Brave Brothers and they said Teen Top is the best group they would like to work again with!

The MV is of course very sweet with L.Joe as the main star as well as Sohyun from 4Minute. We all know L.Joe is an old friend of Hyuna’s before TEENTOP debuted but hey magnae loves him too, who doesn’t?

Sohyun is asked to be L.Joe’s girlfriend and so she says no! He then goes and chases her as if that would change her mind. She then said “dummy, next time don’t ask in front of your friends… dummy.” Well if it was an ordinary guy I would say that to him, but this is L.Joe I don’t think anyone would make him ask you again! lol.

TEENTOP - I'm Going Crazy

cr: loenent

~I need you babe, babe, babe~, when my family heard this they thought of Justin Bieber what da heck!! Sounds nothing like bieber cept for the Baby part I guess. Other than that sounds way different right girls! XD. I like the wall moving dance they do in there looks like fun!

01 – Teen Top
02 –미치겠어 (I’m Going Crazy)
03 – Where’s Ma Girl
04 – Girl Friend
05 -미치겠어 (I’m Going Crazy) [R&B Slow Mix]
06 -미치겠어 (I’m Going Crazy) [inst.]

Panda: I love the song and absolutely serenaded by the R&B Slow remix its both so good, and the instrumental to I’m Going Crazy is so good I keep it for when I get hyper haha.

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