Sunday, March 18, 2012

2AM - I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me MV + F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love Mini-Album [Tracklist]

I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me :(
This month, ballad idol boy band 2AM is finally made their comeback! Their newest mini-album, titled "F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love" consists of 6 tracks and the main track, titled, "I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me"! As expected, the new song and music video are nothing short of beautiful with a romantic melody. Without further ado, watch the MV for the second track of the album below!

Cred: 2am

Omoo, I almost wanted to cry :( *meremang bulu roma* hahaha. Jinwoon ahh! I haven't watched Dream High 2 yet. Mianhae. Your acting is great! Jinwoon plays a heartbroken young man who cannot forget his past lover. A beautiful MV and an awesome song from 2am! ^^


01. 내꺼였는데 (You Were Mine)
02. 너도 나처럼 (I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me)
03. 추억 다 지워 (Erase All Our Memories)
04. 1초만 더 (One More Second)
05. 잘 이별하기 (How To Break Up Well)
06. 사랑해 사랑해 (I Love You, I Love You)

The tracks on "F. Scott" are filled with swooping strings, simple beats, and lovely melodies :)) There’s a relaxed feel to that makes it very easy to listen to. 2AM's vocals are the best! I am listening to the tracks every night lol~ Love the album so much!! <3

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