Monday, March 19, 2012

Daikoku Danji (The BOSS) Jumping MV + Single

Daikoku Danji is at it again with another fun & addictive Japanese single “JUMPING”. Also known as Dae Guk Nam Ah or The BOSS. And guess what? The boys finally have a fanclub name! Fans of these pretty loves are called “MASTER” as these fans are “the BOSS’s owners who have mastered everything about them as well as meaning the artists and the fans trust each other and stand by each other.” I am a MASTER yay!

The group is set for solo concerts in 2012 in both Korea and Japan confirmed, and also The BOSS will have a Korean comeback through a full length album release in April!

After ending their “Love” series of songs such as Love Power, Love Bingo, Love Parade, Love Letters, Love Days, “JUMPING” is a super fun song where the boys play hide-n-seek with each other so adorable!! The song is soo Japanese, like it should be in an anime. The full Jumping album will be released March 28th aghh why so long..

Jumping PV:
I'm so in love with them, I miss them a lot but I think their potential gets reached in Japan and they get to make such awesome songs I would never hear in Korea. Yeah it does seem like the guys have become so much like Japanese right??


大国男児 (Daikoku Danji)’s 5th Single “Jumping”

01 – Jumping
02 – Someday
03 – Promise
04 – Jumping (inst.)


(I really don't know what they did with Mika, just wishing his hair will re-grow XD)

(wow! he's become the face of the group & I love how he looks in Jumping)

(he's cool no matter what)

(still waiting for a hairstyle that fits Injoon ^^)

(I'm so in love with this magnae whyy lol)

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