Monday, March 19, 2012

U-KISS - Forbidden Love & A Shared Dream 1st JP Album

This is forbidden love~ U-KISS is daebak this year in Japan for their Major Debut! Forbidden Love single has a new track called “Redial”. Alongside, U-Kiss releases their 1st FULL Japanese album “A Shared Dream” comprising of all your fave tracks Tick Tack, Forbidden Love, A Shared Dream and 7 other new tracks with 3 japanese versions of Man Man Ha Ni, Bingeul Bingeul & Shut Up!! (However, this full album doesn’t have Redial, hm dunno why).

Forbidden Love is an amazing song! Following their last super sick Tick Tack, this song has its own addictive track following just the outlines of Tick Tack. I recommend listening without looking at the MV first because I felt a detachment from the MV when I first saw it.You know how it is.. it’s hard to pay attention when you see 7 hot sexy guys dancing all sick like~

Forbidden Love MV:


A Shared Dream MV:


I die a little bit everytime I watch Forbidden Love, the dancing is the tip of the tippity top, as always no one can touch U-Kiss! AJ is mine btw haha his neck swiping killed me. And I love awesome Kevin’s “I’m begging you now!” Other than that Kiseop’s part is quite big his voice is so gentle and nice, I wish the camera wouldn’t have so much blasting effects, its distracting to me. Oh! And Hoon-to-Soohyun nailed the Gain-to-Narsha joining “haaa~” note! Haha I couldn’t help making that comparison, I loved it.

Hey hey BTW U-Kiss reached #3 on the Oricon Chart with Tick Tack! I think they can reach #1 easy, cuz their song is so good! U-Kiss is also going to begin their first Japan Live Tour 2012 in March. Huu.. I guess we won’t see them a while in Korea. Here are the tracks..


Forbidden Love - Single

Jacket/Cover A CD +DVD
1. Forbidden Love
2. Redial
3. Forbidden Love (Instrumental)
4. Redial (Instrumental)
1. Forbidden Love MV
2. Forbidden Love MV Making

Jacket Cover B - CD
1. Forbidden Love
2. Redial
3. Every Day (Japanese Version)
4. Forbidden Love (Instrumental)
5. Redial (Instrumental)

Jacket Cover C - Limited Edition CD
1. Forbidden Love
2. Redial
3. Forbidden Love (Instrumental)
4. Redial (Instrumental)

A Shared Dream – 1st Japanese Album

1. Tick Tack
2. Forbidden Love
3. Show Me Your Smile
4. We Set off!!
5. A Shared Dream
6. The Sound of Magic
7. Orion
8. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
9. Man Man Ha Ni (Japanese version)
10. Bingeul Bingeul (Japanese version)
11. Shut Up!! (Japanese version)
12. Believe
13. Tick Tack (MARCAN Mix) *only on the CD Version*

CD + DVD Version :
1. Tick Tack MV
2. Forbidden Love MV
3. A Shared Dream MV
4. A Shared Dream MV Making

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