Sunday, April 1, 2012

Girls Band "Cherry Belle" - Thread Not Solved Yet

Since emerging boy band 'smash', Indonesia is now again named boy band fever, and there is now Indonesia jg girl band named "Cherry Belle". although previously there jg girl band "7 icons". Still carrying the same concept with the SNSD girls band from Korea who cantik2 it, Cherry Belle comes with a debut single hits "Dilemma".

CherryBelle (Chibi) is a musical group / girlsband from Indonesia. This group consists of 9 persons namely Cherly, Angel, Wenda, Ryn, Christy, Felly, Devi, Dental, Anisa. The name Cherry Belle has a sense of Sweet Cherry Belle means beautiful that, while the added meaning behind Chibi means small member / funny. Style of dancing that is more powerful and varied and strong vocal character makes Cherry Belle is expected to become an Indonesian music group that will inspire many young people of Indonesia.

Dilemma, became hits singles from a mini album to be released by Cherry Belle in the near future, where in addition there are Chess, there are still some other songwriter who co-created the song for Cherry Belle.

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